Jennifer Mummert

Congratulations on your engagement! I’m so happy you’re here. From the moment you book your wedding date with me, we’ll start a wonderful journey together. We’ll chat, meet up, and have a blast capturing your engagement photos. As we prep and plan for your big day, we’ll share plenty of laughter and excitement. When your wedding day finally arrives, I’ll be right by your side.

Whether you need advice, a calming presence, or a last-minute fix, I’ve got you covered. I’ll help with bouquets, adjust dresses, keep the groomsmen in line, shed happy tears at your ceremony, share laughs with your family, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Throughout it all, I’ll be capturing every detail and every moment, from the perfectly posed to the spontaneous and candid.

When the celebrations have ended, and the day is over, your photos will be the lasting memory of your special day. I want them to bring back the scent of your bouquet, the way he looked at you for the first time, the feel of holding your dad’s hand, and the joy of those unforgettable dance floor moments.

Life is full of special occasions, and your wedding is one of the most important. I can’t wait to capture the first day of your forever!


As your photographer, my role goes far beyond just taking pictures. I’m here to be your planner, guide, and adventure buddy. With partial and full-service planning add-ons, I ensure you and your partner can enjoy a stress-free experience. Plus, as an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, I can even sign your marriage certificate in most states!

On the day of your elopement, my mission is to tell your story—from the epic and crazy moments to the quiet, goofy, and in-between times that make your day uniquely yours. I’ll capture all the feelings of your elopement, so when you look back, you can remember exactly how happy, free, and in love you were.

Capturing Love and Adventure to Craft Your Unforgettable Wedding Day


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On a scale from one to awesome, we love each other to the moon.

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On a scale from one to awesome, we love each other to the moon.

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On a scale from one to awesome, we love each other to the moon.

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