These are a few of my favorite destinations

Welcome to my destinations page, where your dream elopement or destination wedding awaits! These top 6 most requested destinations are favorites for a reason. Picture saying your vows in the enchanting Smoky Mountains, with misty peaks creating a romantic backdrop. Shenandoah’s rolling hills and vibrant fall foliage offer a stunning, seasonal setting. For those craving an island paradise, Oahu’s breathtaking beaches and lush landscapes are simply irresistible. If dramatic coastal views are your style, Big Sur’s towering cliffs and ocean vistas are unparalleled. Sedona’s red rock formations create a magical, otherworldly atmosphere, while Moab’s unique desert scenery promises an unforgettable adventure.

Dive into each of these incredible locations to find the perfect setting for your special day. Coming soon, you will be able to click on each destination to explore unique activities, picturesque ceremony spots, invaluable travel tips, and so much more. Whether you dream of a mountain escape, a beachside paradise, or a desert adventure, your ideal wedding destination is just a click away. Dreaming of a different location or adventure? I’m totally down for anywhere you want to go. Blending your dream day with my passion for capturing your unique love story ensures a truly memorable adventure. Let’s start planning the wedding of your dreams together – click on your dream destination and let’s make magic happen!

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Smoky mountains

Embrace the romance of misty peaks and lush forests. Perfect for a serene mountain escape with stunning vistas and intimate ceremony spots.


Experience the beauty of rolling hills and vibrant fall foliage. Ideal for a picturesque, seasonal wedding surrounded by nature’s splendor.


Discover paradise with pristine beaches and tropical landscapes. Enjoy the sun, sand, and a vibrant island atmosphere for your special day.

Big Sur

Marvel at dramatic coastal cliffs and breathtaking ocean views. This iconic location offers a majestic setting for an unforgettable wedding.


Be enchanted by the striking red rock formations and mystical energy. Perfect for a magical and otherworldly wedding experience.


Explore the unique desert landscapes and stunning rock formations. Ideal for adventurous couples seeking an extraordinary and unforgettable ceremony.

"Jennifer is seriously a godsend! She made every moment of our wedding magical and captured us so authentically!"

- Hailey l.

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