Adventure Elopement Planning: Your Guide to Crafting the Perfect Day

September 25, 2023

Hey there, adventurous souls! If you’re a couple who thrives on excitement, loves the great outdoors, and wants to celebrate your love in a unique way, then adventure elopement planning might just be your perfect choice. Here is the lowdown on planning the perfect adventure elopement for the adventurous couple.

1. Embrace Your Unique Story for Your Adventure Elopement

Your love story is like no other, so let it shine! Think about what makes your relationship special and build your adventure elopement around those elements. Maybe you met on a hiking trail, shared your first kiss under the stars, or bonded over a love for camping. Incorporate these unique moments into your adventure elopement to make it truly yours.

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2. Choose a Breathtaking Location for Your Adventure Elopement

One of the most exciting aspects of adventure elopements is the freedom to pick the location of your dreams. Whether it’s a remote mountaintop, a serene beach, a dense forest, or even an epic desert landscape, choose a place that resonates with your sense of adventure. Don’t forget to consider the season and weather, so you’re well-prepared for your big day.

3. Go Small and Intimate for Your Adventure Elopement

Adventure elopements are all about intimacy and shared moments, so keep your guest list small. It could be just the two of you, your closest friends, or immediate family members. The smaller the group, the more you can focus on each other and the incredible surroundings of your adventure elopement.

4. Plan Ahead and Get Permits

Many breathtaking natural locations require permits for adventure elopements. Be sure to research the rules and regulations of your chosen spot well in advance. Securing the necessary permits ensures you won’t run into any unexpected issues on your special adventure elopement day.

5. Capture the Moment with a Professional Photographer

As a professional adventure elopement photographer, I can’t stress this enough: hire a professional photographer (or me!) to capture your adventure elopement. These photos will be your lifelong memories of this incredible adventure. Plus, having a photographer who understands your adventurous spirit ensures you’ll get the most epic shots of your adventure elopement.

6. Personalize Your Ceremony

Your adventure elopement ceremony should reflect your personalities and your journey together. Write your own vows, bring meaningful items, or even include traditions from your heritage. Make it a ceremony that’s truly “you” for your adventure elopement.

7. Dress the Part for Your Adventure Elopement

Don’t forget to consider your attire for your adventure elopement. While that poufy wedding dress might be beautiful, it might not be the best choice for a mountaintop adventure elopement. Opt for attire that’s both stylish and practical, allowing you to move comfortably in the outdoor setting of your adventure elopement.

8. Embrace Adventure Activities on Your Adventure Elopement Day

Why stop at just saying “I do”? Consider incorporating adventure activities into your adventure elopement day, whether it’s hiking to your ceremony spot, enjoying a sunrise hot air balloon ride, or even going for a tandem skydive. These activities can add an extra layer of excitement to your adventure elopement day.

9. Planning a Memorable Reception for Your Adventure Elopement

After the ceremony on your adventure elopement day, celebrate with a memorable reception. It could be a picnic, a candlelit dinner under the stars, or even a cozy campfire gathering. Bring your favorite foods and drinks to make it truly special.

10. Relive the Moment of Your Adventure Elopement

Finally, don’t forget to relive your adventure elopement through your photos and memories. Share your adventure with loved ones who couldn’t be there, and treasure the unique experience you shared as a couple during your adventure elopement.

So there you have it, adventurers! Planning the perfect adventure elopement is all about embracing your love story, choosing an epic location, and infusing it with your sense of adventure. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the wild world of adventure elopements, reach out to me, Jennifer Mummert, and let’s hop on a call to discuss how I can capture your love story in all its vibrant, adventurous glory. Here’s to celebrating love in the great outdoors! 🌄❤️📸


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