Intimate Moments Captured: Unveiling Jennifer Mummert Photography’s Micro Wedding & Elopement Packages

August 24, 2023

Micro wedding bliss captured by Jennifer Mummert Photography, showcasing a bride and groom sharing a tender moment against a picturesque setting.

In the realm of weddings, bigger isn’t always better. For those who prefer an intimate celebration that’s as personal as it is special, micro weddings and elopements are becoming an increasingly popular choice. These smaller-scale events allow for a focus on meaningful connections and genuine moments, and when it comes to capturing these memories, Jennifer Mummert Photography stands out with their thoughtfully crafted Micro Wedding & Elopement Packages.

Package 1: Cherish-$799.00

Imagine a wedding day where every moment is a treasured memory waiting to be captured. With Jennifer Mummert Photography’s “Cherish” package, you get exactly that. This package offers an impressive 3 hours of photography coverage, ensuring that no heartfelt glance, exchanged vow, or spontaneous laugh goes unnoticed. With a keen eye for details and emotions, Jennifer Mummert herself will be there to document every nuance of your special day.

But it doesn’t end there. The “Cherish” package includes a guarantee of 150 high-quality images, meticulously curated to encapsulate the essence of your micro wedding or elopement. Each photograph serves as a chapter in your unique love story, from the joyful anticipation before the ceremony to the intimate moments shared between you and your closest loved ones. These images will become a timeless keepsake, allowing you to relive the magic whenever you want.

Jennifer Mummert Photography documents a small-scale wedding affair, highlighting the love between a couple on their special day in a natural outdoor setting.

Package 2: Embrace-$925.00

Sometimes, the most powerful moments are the ones that unfold in the blink of an eye. Jennifer Mummert Photography’s “Embrace” package recognizes this truth, offering 2 hours of photography coverage that is focused on capturing the raw, unscripted emotions that make your day truly yours. With Jennifer behind the lens, you can trust that even within this shorter time frame, every shot will resonate with authenticity.

The “Embrace” package includes a commitment of 100 guaranteed images. These photographs are more than just pictures; they’re fragments of time frozen in beauty, reflecting the deep connections and unfiltered joy that define micro weddings and elopements. Each image is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your love story, telling a vivid tale that unfolds with every glance.

A second shooter can be added to either package at the rate of $65.00 per hour of coverage the second shooter is needed.

Important Details to Note

At Jennifer Mummert Photography, excellence is not just promised; it’s delivered. It’s important to note that while these packages offer exceptional value, travel expenses are not included in the pricing and will be invoiced separately. This allows Jennifer to be there to capture your precious moments no matter where your heart takes you. Travel fees include airfare, overnight hotel accommodations, meal stipend & rental car where applicable, and vary by location and destination. Travel fees are based on economy airfare pricing, mid level hotel/motel room rates, and small car rental fees, and are booked 60 days in advance of your event, and are invoiced separately once we finalize travel bookings.

Intimate elopement captured by Jennifer Mummert Photography, featuring a couple embracing amidst a scenic backdrop

Your micro wedding or elopement deserves to be documented with care, skill, and artistry. Jennifer Mummert Photography’s packages ensure that every laugh, tear, and embrace is preserved for eternity. Whether you choose the comprehensive “Cherish” package or opt for the poignant brevity of the “Embrace” package, you’re investing in memories that will stand the test of time.

In a world where intimate celebrations are gaining momentum, Jennifer Mummert Photography is the partner you need to turn these fleeting moments into everlasting memories. Book your package today, and let your love story be told through the lens of an artist who understands the power of connection.

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